Integrated Engineering Consultancy

Integrated Engineering Consultancy

Usally the term "Domotics" is used as a synonym of home automation. But the focus must be toward the planning phase, where born the system integration.

Both in residential context than in commercial or industrial, many automation technologies are unfortunately often mystified as integrated solutions.

We have an integrated system only when the different sub-systems, by their nature unable to interact between them, are able to provide information to each other and to interpret commands from the control system.

For the success of a project are therefore required expertise on the various specialities and a new profession: the systems integrator.

The qualities that must have are multidisciplinary knowledge, the ability to establish profitable interpersonal relationships with all project stakeholders and a rigorous method of organization.
Our company is available to support your technician, clerk and manager in the application of this new methodology, coordinating the activities and contributing directly to the technological areas in which we specialize.
The system integration consultant should devote most of their time to training in technology, research and analysis of new products on the market and the promotion of innovation. For this reason, our work will be distributed from from design to implementation, finding solutions in the crucial moments of the activities.
Our staff have the certifications that make us a qualified and reliable partner.
A system integrator is essential in all phases of any innovative projects, then contact us now to take advantage of this new opportunity.


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